Look at the Health Benefits of a Pedicure.

Are your feet ready for the summer?

How will they look and feel in your flip-flops?

Do your feet ache? Have you got dry hard skin?

Take the first step to health!

Having unhealthy feet can have an effect on our overall health so try not to neglect them; our feet are probably the most neglected part of our body.

What happens?

During a pedicure your feet will be soaked, cleaned, your nails trimmed and shaped to prevent ingrown nails. The cuticles will be treated and tidied to help with healthy nails. Then your feet are exfoliated and massaged which will relieve aching feet and muscles and moisturise the skin,

The pedicure can include application of a toenail varnish or natural buff.

Top tip if having polish: Don’t rush off!

Allow yourself time for the polish to dry – it maybe worth bring open toe shoes/sandals to go home in.

Health benefits of a pedicure

Moisturising and Exfoliating

During the treatment your feet will be soaked, exfoliated and massaged. Soaking your feet helps to soften any hard skin. The exfoliation removes dead skin cells that can cause bunions or corns forming and stimulate new cell growth. The butter massage will add moisture, preserving the body’s natural moisture, and when your feet are moisturised they are less prone to getting blisters and cracks especially on the heel. Your nail condition will also be improved. The result will be a softer, clearer appearance of the skin and nails

Detection of problems

Prevention is much better than cure, and by having regular monthly care you will have feet that you don’t need to worry about. Any early signs of fungal infections, corns, bunions or other conditions such as athletes foot can be detected meaning treatment for you will be easier. Having regular pedicures will help prevent these painful and unsightly conditions occurring.

Infections can be decreased

Regular clipping, filing and cleaning of toenails and the cleaning of the feet can reduce the chance of infections. This could include fungal infections; bacteria that cause foot odour and athletes foot.

Circulation can be improved

A massage is a very enjoyable part of a pedicure. This can help promote better circulation and relieve the tension and aching that we often feel in our lower leg and feet. The increase in circulation can help with pain reduction.


This type of treatment can be very relaxing, aiding in relief of stress and anxiety. Taking time to receive this treatment and having wonderful looking feet can be great for well-being.

Men take note: Pedicure services are not just for women! There are great benefits for men as well. Pedicures should be done regularly for good foot and nail health for both genders

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