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It is that time again when some of us begin the day with itchy eyes and things go downhill from there.

Hayfever symptoms range from itchy, runny sore eyes to blocked sinuses, foggy head feeling, itchy skin, runny nose, continual sneezing and more.  You may be finding your symptoms are getting worse and worse each year or you may find some years are worse than others.

Although mainstream medicine often keeps the symptoms at bay, or relieves them when they are most frustrating, often people complain of the medication making them feel drowsy and unable to work, drive or study.

Homeopathic medication works on a different level.  It works by building up your immune system making you less susceptible to the symptoms.  It means that with a few doses of homeopathic medicine, you may find that you need it less and less as your symptoms reduce.  Instead of reducing the symptom, homeopathy works by addressing the cause of the inflammation.

Our hay fever clinic takes 15 minutes and costs £15 including medication.  We have appointments available in Falmouth Monday – Friday    Ring now to book an appointment – and see the difference immediately.

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