Ali Scobbie

Thrive Programme Coach

Hi – my name is Ali Scobbie, let me introduce myself and tell you a bit about why I teach The Thrive Programme and how it has changed my own life for the better.

I trained in both psychotherapy and The Thrive Programme back in 2009 following many years of working in the pharmaceutical industry and always being interested in the field of psychology. I wanted a more rewarding and worthwhile career that gave something back to others. I was already involved when the Thrive Programme was first developed and since then I have seen it evolve and been part of that amazing journey to the current and very successful programme.

In 2016, we moved to Falmouth, Cornwall with our two young sons so that we could spend more quality time together, enjoying outdoor activities such as sailing, surfing (or trying to surf….still!), body boarding & walking. Our move has been an incredible success for all of us. With this recent move to Cornwall I can now help people in a different part of England as well as anybody abroad (I see people remotely via Skype, when needed).

The Thrive Programme has enabled me to help hundreds of men, woman and children to thrive and overcome their problems. Seeing people drastically change their lives for the better, when they have sometimes suffered their entire life with challenging or debilitating problems, is extremely rewarding and something that I am very passionate about.

I am very friendly, open, approachable and easy to talk to and work in a relaxed manner where you will feel comfortable and able to discuss your problems without any fear of being judged.

I am a registered, licensed Thrive Consultant and I am bound by the ATPC Code of Conduct and Ethics  and am constantly undergoing training to ensure my knowledge is up to date with modern studies and new evidence always being introduced.

 More about the Thrive Programme

phone: 07730 777752 to book a free introductory consultation.