Jayne describes how she overcame emetophobia and OCD with Thrive with Ali Scobbie

I suffered from OCD (and emetophobia) for over 5 years with fear of almost everything. I was unable to go to the supermarket, shopping was a major trauma (so I simply ordered online) and slowly I became more and more reluctant to go outside preferring if possible to take the safe option of staying in my house as that meant that I didn’t have to face problems or clean everywhere when I returned. I strategically planned all trips before-hand mapping out any possible scenarios to fully prepare myself or went only to places I considered ‘safe’. I washed clothes at 60 degrees or higher to ensure I removed any contaminants (of course this meant clothes were discoloured and ruined!). My hands looked like those of a 90 year old due to the constant washing and my skin was terrible due to excessive showering. ‘What if’ was my favourite phrase and cleaning ‘just in case’ was part of my daily routine. Life was really bad and not just for me but for all of those around me.

I had tried CBT therapy
and it wasn’t right for me. I simply wasn’t prepared to do some of the ‘exposure therapy’ (I wouldn’t have done those things even when I was well). I was desperate to find myself again (the person who loved life, enjoyed going out, was always busy and had lots of friends; things I had slowly lost as OCD gradually crept over me and took over my life) and then in a last ditch attempt I searched the internet for alternative options. That’s when I came across Alison and the Loughborough Hypnotherapy Clinic. Contacting Alison was the start of my new life and finding the ‘old me’. I don’t think Alison realises how much she has helped me and in turn those around me. I was sceptical when I arrived at my first session and didn’t really believe that something could work in such a short period (given all of the alternatives I had tried). How wrong was I! I started to see results within a couple of weeks and things just got better and better (don’t get me wrong – I did have set backs and it was hard but I worked through them, didn’t dwell on them and quickly learnt that we all have setbacks particularly when I was tired but I chose not to let them affect me and I chose
to move on. Some things may still bother me but I have the techniques to put them in perspective).

Alison really is fantastic.
She is non- judgemental and really helps to give you techniques to help you to regain your confidence in yourself and life. She works with you and doesn’t dwell on the ‘illness’ and this was important to me in my recovery. Alison helped me to change the way I was thinking. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t easy and even after my 10 sessions I am working on the techniques and apply them in my daily life but it was and is worth it. Every day my life really is getting better and better. My life has changed dramatically. I now go out to the supermarket. I enjoy going
shopping and actually prefer to go to the stores rather than shop online. I enjoy doing new things. My hands are looking 100% better! I don’t shower excessively. I don’t wash clothes on temperatures higher than 40 (so all clothes are now looking good). I am rebuilding my life. I look back at some of the things I was doing and I genuinely can’t believe it………..why was I doing those things? Why was I choosing to waste my life, literally ‘washing’ my life away? I look at them and think “it was crazy to be doing that”, yet at the time it was absolutely necessary and normal to me. Not
anymore I am happy to say!

The Thrive Book
I couldn’t have done this by working through the Thrive book alone. Alison is really wonderful and please if you have OCD or anxiety don’t live with the illness any longer. Contact Alison and give it a try, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I will still see Alison from time to time because I want to make sure that I keep on track as it is really important to me and my family to keep Thriving.
Thank you so much Alison.

More than 3 years on Jayne provided an update in this video linked below – still thriving!

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