Welcome to Inspiring Health in Falmouth.

As a Seasalt member of staff you will now be able to enjoy:

  • 15% OFF your treatments at Inspiring Health in Falmouth. (Valid May 2017 – April 2018) Early morning, evening and weekend appointments available.
  • FREE Talks and discussions scheduled at Seasalt Head Office
  • 20 minute FREE Introductory consultation to discuss your current health and find out which therapy might help you optimise your health and wellbeing.

If you haven’t already received your 15% discount card please ask Kerry McGrane (You will need to provide proof of your employment when you register with Inspiring Health).

If you would like to know more about our therapists and what we do at Inspiring Health please visit our website www.inspiringhealth.org.uk

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1st June at 2pm        Stress Less          with Mary Greensmith

Do you feel overwhelmed at times?   Is stress affecting your day?  Would you like to know how to change a few things in your life that would help you cope better? This talk will help you understand what is happening when you feel stressed, what effects this has on your body and what you can do to feel less overwhelmed and more comfortable with life.


30th June 17  at 2pm        I need more Energy
Mary Greensmith & Lily Cumming from Inspiring Health

Where is my energy? How can I increase it?  Understanding your energy resources and learning how to divert energy where and when you need it. Learn about optimising your health in a way that suits your lifestyle. Implementing a few changes every day can seriously improve your health!


12th July 17  at 2pm             Food & Mood        Lily Cumming Health Consultant

You are what you eat – learn about how the food you eat affects your health and wellbeing.  Learn how you can make small changes to your diet to change your energy levels and tolerance. Learn how to make better food choices and how to make those choices part of your everyday life.