Inspiring Health is a new natural health clinic in Falmouth.

A small private health practice offering you a safe place to improve your health and wellbeing.  We will work with you to identify the cause of your symptoms so that you can begin to heal from within.

Our Therapists

Natural Health in Falmouth At Inspiring Health we are building a great team of therapists who are passionate about helping people regain and retain full health. Using natural therapies that encourage your body to heal itself, each specialism offers the opportunity for you to be fitter, stronger and more healthy. With a range of natural therapies to help you back to health, we offer the right environment for you to get the extra help you need, both emotionally and physically.

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Meet the Team

Helen Morton
Helen Morton, Osteopath As a naturopathic osteopath, I love finding natural solutions for an individual to
Kate Elliott Nutritionist & Massage Therapist
Kate Elliott Nutritionist & Massage Therapist Nourish & Revitalise your life! Nutritional therapy involves looking at all
Debbie Rowlands Reiki, Massage, Psychotherapy
Debbie Rowlands   Raynor Deep Tissue Massage Therapist, Transactional Analysis Psychotherapist & Reiki Practitioner Hello, I’m very
Vicky Strowger Psychotherapist in Falmouth
Vicky Strowger Psychotherapist in Falmouth Hi - I’m Vicky Strowger. I believe therapy is where you
Ali Scobbie – Thrive Coach
Ali Scobbie Thrive Program Coach Hi – my name is Ali Scobbie, let me introduce myself
Jill McGovan Acupuncture
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Natural Medicine and Therapies

Homeopathy  –  Osteopathy  –  Nutrition  – Herbal Medicine  – Cranio Sacral Therapy  – Counselling  –  Holistic Massage  –  Reflexology


Professional Personalised Health Care

Our therapists are qualified, experienced and professional.