Therapies with Isla


Womb & Menstrual Massage is a deeply feminine, deeply energetic massage treatment which combines sacral, digestive and womb massage with energy healing to bring the woman into a deeper connection with her body. The massage itself is very beneficial for help with all types of menstrual issues including: painful periods, cramping, heavy bleeds, PMT, irregular periods, missing periods, clotting, brown and black blood. It is also very effective for helping to reduce the symptoms and provide relief from reproductive issues such as: endometritis, fibroids, polycystic ovarian syndrome, tilted womb, tight pelvic ligaments, tilted pelvis, as well as menopausal issues such as: hot flushes, vaginal dryness, imbalanced hormones and difficult emotions associated with the menopausal transition.


This treatment is also really supportive for helping to release painful emotions, stuck energy or old trauma associated with past sexual partners, physical, emotional, mental or sexual abuse, difficult births, miscarriages, abortions, rape and difficult relationships with the Mother. This is incredibly powerful work and can often help the receiver to begin a journey into releasing, healing and transforming themselves and their lives. Womb massage is a deeply energetic healing therapy too, so as well as the physical massage you will also receive Reiki Energy Healing during a session which compliments the massage beautifully. Through a course of treatments women will naturally come into a deeper connection to their bodies, wombs, moon cycles, menstrual cycles, intuition, personal power and confidence.



Fertility Massage is a deeply feminine, deeply energetic massage treatment which combines sacral, digestive and womb massage with energy healing to bring the woman into a deeper connection with her body. Fertility Massage involves the same massage techniques as Womb and Menstrual Massage, but the massage, treatment plan and aftercare advice are specifically tailored to focus on increasing your natural fertility.

Fertility Massage helps to support and nurture the woman through her fertility journey using deeply relaxing massage, emotional/energetic blockage release, energy healing and nourishing aftercare advice and guidance. This is the perfect way to honour your body and the journey that you about to embark upon as a woman.

Fertility Massage can support you if you have been trying to conceive for a while and nothing is happening, if you are going through courses of IVF or other processes, if you feel stress and pressure due to the journey and need some TLC, if you have experienced miscarriages or abortions, if you have any reproductive issues such as endometriosis, polycystic ovaries, fibroids, cysts, irregular bleeds, missing periods, in-balaned hormones, painful periods, tilted womb, or if you have any deep rooted emotional trauma that you feel needs to be cleared before you can move forward.


Therapeutic Aromatherapy is a slow and soothing massage treatment, which uses the properties of 100% Organic Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils to bring about balance, harmony and relaxation to the body, emotions and soul. Essential oils are ‘life force’ essences derived from plants, each one containing vital high vibrational healing properties that work in sync with the systems of the body. Therapeutic Aromatherapy is a treatment used to induce deep relaxation, improve sleep, improve mood, reduce the effects of stress related conditions, to help release trapped emotions and old worn out thought patterns.



This is a beautiful, nourishing treatment where I act as a channel for divine healing energy to help re-balance, calm and relax the receiver. During the treatment, I will channel light energy to your physical body for healing. I will then work energetically with each of your chakra centres by extracting old stuck energy and channelling reiki energy for healing. I am very deeply connected to my spirit guides whom I ask for messages, images and insights that I can relay to you at the end of the treatment. The healing feels like beautiful, warm, buzzing, golden energy flowing through and around your body.

An energy healing treatment is such a gentle, non-invasive therapy which is perfect for someone who feels slightly lost on their path, needs a bit of spiritual guidance or a bit of TLC. You will be fully clothed for this treatment, with lots of blankets and cushions to keep you feeling snug and warm.

Everything that we talk about is completely confidential, as with all of my treatments. As part of the treatment package I will voice record your energetic reading after the treatment and send it to you for you to keep and listen to at a later date to help you with your healing.

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