The Thrive Programme

Thriving is not just about building resilience it goes way beyond that; it’s having high self-efficacy, high self-esteem and being confident to cope with life’s challenges and stay healthy. When someone is thriving, they do not have any mental health related problems, such as depression, phobias and anxiety. In addition, they are unlikely to be overweight or obese because they have the self-responsibility to take care of their weight.

The programme is easy, empowering and all evidence based. It is structured around the many components that make people thrive; beliefs, behaviours, self-esteem, sense of power and control and thinking styles. You will learn how to develop a Thrive mindset – this involves taking responsibility for yourself, your feelings and wellbeing. Because it is so easy, effective and empowering it will completely change your life in a few weeks.

Over 6-8 sessions I will coach you through every aspect in 1:1 (or group) sessions, using tools, demonstrations and diagrams to bring it to life, so that you can relate it to yourself. It will give you the full picture; understanding why you are thinking and reacting like you are and how you got there. Most importantly it will give you all the knowledge and methods of changing your thinking habits so that you are thriving.

The cost of the programme is an all-inclusive cost which covers 6-8 sessions plus a couple of follow up sessions as needed. You are unlikely to need any more. This means that you can budget for it and have the knowledge that you will overcome your difficulties in a short period of time. This is a very different approach to that of therapies where you may continue sessions for many months or even years at great expense.

To find out more and how I can help you with The Thrive Programme please get in touch for a free 30 minute initial consultation .

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