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Hay fever Relief

It is that time again when some of us begin the day with itchy eyes and things go downhill from there. Hayfever symptoms range from itchy, runny sore eyes to blocked sinuses, foggy head feeling, itchy skin, runny nose, continual
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Holistic pedicure in falmouth

Shocking! Warts and Verrucas.

Recently a client came to me for homeopathic treatment and explained why she had had her hand bandaged for nearly three years. What could do to get rid of  long standing warts? Warning – This blog contains some shocking visual images:
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Fibromyalgia. Why Homeopathy is the better than conventional medical treatment.  The NHS says there is no cure for Fibromyalgia but can prescribe drugs to help reduce your symptoms.  Homeopathy addresses the cause of the disease with natural medication READ MORE.
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homeopathy helps earache

Homeopathy Helps Earache

Our homeopath, Mary Greensmith, suggests some useful homeopathic remedies that can provide effective relief from earache, and can be safely used at home. Ear infections can be extremely painful and need immediate treatment. Find out how to help relieve the pain.
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