John Shallcroft is a clinical hypnotherapist, coach and mentor who can help you achieve your goals and transform your life, within a short period of time. John uses cutting edge Solution Focused Clinical Hypnotherapy. He offers a free initial consultation.

The Coach Approach

Solution Focused Clinical Hypnotherapist, Performance Coach and Mentor.

By John Shallcroft, MSC FinstLM,

John Shallcroft

Solution Focused Clinical Hypnotherapist, Performance Coach and Mentor

MSC FinstLM 

Solution Focused Clinical Hypnotherapy uses the most up-to-date, clinically proven techniques of Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and  Neuro Linguistic Programming, combining them with trance to make important positive changes within a short period of time. 

I will begin by teaching you about the workings of both your conscious and subconscious minds. This will enable you to define specifically what your problems are. Your role is just as important in this process as mine; you will have to be willing to learn, and be open to change.

Success in changing your outlook and achieving your goals is much more likely if you really want to change.

As a solution focused hypnotherapist, I concentrate on how we are going to help you move towards a brighter future. We will focus on your goals, and you will leave sessions feeling more positive and more in control of your emotions.

The state we operate under during a hypnotherapy session is entirely natural. We enter into several ‘trance states’ daily – when we are engrossed watching a film, or driving home on ‘auto pilot’, for example. During these times, although your conscious mind is relaxed, it remains ‘awake’.

Consequently, whilst operating in a trance state, you remain totally in control; there is nothing that you can be made to say, or do, by me without your complete consent.

Despite being a common experience, the trance state is a highly powerful tool when used during solution focused hypnotherapy. During a hypnotic trance, both your conscious and subconscious minds are active. This equates to a significant increase in the creative power of your mind, allowing greater concentration and focus.

This is why, through the use of hypnotherapy, you can achieve positive results in less time than in other, more traditional, forms of therapy.

Additionally, because the subconscious mind becomes active, it also becomes accessible. This allows me to promote positive change by speaking directly to the part of your brain where your automatic thought patterns and destructive behaviours are stored.

Hypnotherapy has the ability to help bring this part of your brain under control, enabling you to respond in an appropriate way to situations that originally triggered negative thought patterns and behaviours.

By sidestepping your conscious mind and speaking directly to the responsive subconscious, I can instill new thought patterns to replace the old. For example, for phobic responses, such as a fear of spiders, I can expose you to your fear, whilst relaxing and encouraging you to imagine a new approach. As a result, your subconscious will no longer associate spiders with an increase in anxiety. Instead, you will be able to remain calm when you encounter them.

In the same way, I can help you break negative habits such as smoking, by helping you isolate automatic thoughts such as, ‘I want a cigarette,’ and enabling you to recognise these as emotional propaganda created by your subconscious.

When suffering from depression and anxiety, your subconscious is working in overdrive, forcing you to spend less time thinking rationally and consciously.

Solution focused hypnotherapy is the perfect therapy to help take control of your life.

The FREE initial session includes the following:

  • Time spent discussing problem formation.
  • The formation or origin of a problem explained in terms of how the brain works.
  • Working on the assumption that you have inner strengths, potential, resources, creativity and life skills, which you are not yet utilising.
  • I will give you a FREE relaxing and confidence-building CD/USB to listen to before you go to bed.
  • In the second and subsequent sessions I will ask you what has been different, what has been better since we last met.
  • We will use couch time to reinforce your goals and promote change.
  • Playfulness, laughter and creativity are always present and positively encouraged.
  • Sessions are non-judgmental and totally confidential.

Areas I can help you with include:

  • Alleviating depression and sadness
  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Improving self esteem
  • Confidence building
  • Improving sleep
  • Managing weight
  • Phobias
  • Stopping smoking
  • Pain management
  • Enhancing performance
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