Inspiring Health

Thank you everyone who has been to see us at Inspiring Health in Falmouth this year.

Our first year is now drawing to a close – but what a wonderful year we have had.

Here is a summary of our fantastic first year:

Christmas 2015 – We had just opened – Julie, Lily, Deanne and Mary were ready to begin seeing patients in December 2015 at Inspiring Health.   The clinic looked crisp and clean – ready for action.  With three new businesses to get rolling – we planned, wrote, designed and frantically built websites and FaceBook pages.   We made an enthusiastic, happy team. 

January 2016 – Jan joined us – Hurray – massage and reflexology – Jan bought lots of energy and smiles – she joined us with our designing and even dragged her stepson in to help us with photoshop when we needed guiding through design changes.   Now we were rocking and rolling and our clients soon started coming through the door looking for inspiration and guidance to begin a more natural health journey.

March 2016 – John Shallcroft joined the team bringing with him a keen following as he embarked on a new career of Hypnotherapy and personal coaching.  Soon to be known as the Scarlet pimpernel, we tracked his movements by following the Costa Coffee Cups as he frequented the clinic in the evenings when the rest of us were enjoying the sunny evenings of the summer. 

May 2016 – Shiona King joined the team with NoHands Massage and now open on a Saturday morning we were open 6 days a week.   Now seeing over 100 people a month, Inspiring Health was really began living up to it’s name.

July 2016 – With summer now firmly here we enjoyed an influx of summer tourists Jan introduced Holistic Manicures and Pedicures and Indian Head Massage to our treatment menu.  Inspiring Health was a great place to work as well as to come for treatments.   Our Inspiring Atmosphere continued to be therapeutic for all concerned.

September 2016 – Our facebook group Inspiring Cornwall began to grow and was proving a useful medium for many Holistic and Natural Business’s throughout Cornwall.  Lily decided to double her time at Inspiring Health and immediately her client’s got wind, they started telling their friends and she filled her extra space.   We realised our clients were coming to us from as far as St Austell, Lands End, Looe, and Bodmin.

November 2016 – Inspiring Health was doing very well on the google search engines and new clients are continuing to find us for a number of therapies.  We were very pleased to announce the arrival of two new therapists on the team Charlotte and Malachy are both counsellors and really fit in with everyone here.   Our Green Prescriptions were born.

Christmas 2016 – How apt that Helen Angel should join us for our 2nd Christmas at Inspiring Health.  With a practising GP on board we can continue to help people to optimise their health with all of the back up and support of the medical profession.  Our first year has seen a growth of over 200%, we have a wonderful Inspiring Team of Therapists providing a full range of Holistic and Natural Therapies to clients from all over Cornwall.

Thank you – everyone – for all of your good wishes and kindness.   We look forward to seeing you in 2017

Good Cheer to All

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