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Wellness at Work in Falmouth

We are pleased to announce we are relaunching our Wellness at Work Initiative in Falmouth.  This means we will bring Inspiring Health to your place of work.  We can help de-stress and re-motivate your team in a variety of ways which suit your team.

A happy and healthy team in the workplace maximises productivity and output. Inspiring Health are experts at boosting health and wellbeing through talks and workshops, and offering on the spot treatments. These are designed to raise awareness and improve the work environment.

“I just wanted to say thanks for offering to come in today. We’ve all been chatting about our sessions – they were really interesting and mine was most definitely beneficial. I’m really glad you got in touch”.   LW  Falmouth.


A happy, healthy team is worth looking after.

We want to raise awareness about health and wellbeing in the workplace, and help you and your employees keep yourselves in peak condition, physically and emotionally.   There is so much that we all can do ourselves at home and at work – every day!  We will teach you some handy tips to optimise your health as you work, rest and play.

Our Personalised Wellness  At Work introductory programme helps you to look after your greatest asset – the health of your team

Click through to find out how this can work for you and your team.

For smaller companies of less than 6 employees – we have a solution for you too!   We can set a date to offer an evening or weekend session at Inspiring Health in Falmouth.  You can start feeling the benefits straight away.  Call us now to find a date that suits your company.  01326 212112

FREE 20-minute sessions can include:

  • A spinal screen
  • Nutritional analysis screen
  • Functional medicine advice
  • Natural health advice
  • Breathing and relaxation techniques

We also offer 20-minute sessions of relaxation therapy treatments including:

  • Relaxing foot massage £15
  • Head, neck and shoulder massage £15
  • Indian head massage £15
  • Hay fever clinic £15 including medicine

Our skilled team of therapists offers a wide range of treatment options that can help you and your employees manage your own health and wellbeing.

Ring to discuss your Wellness at Work requirements on 01326 212112, or email us for more information.

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