Finding Self Motivation

Struggling to find Self Motivation – Lacking Energy – Searching for a Sense of Purpose?

Motivation can be very energising and powerful, yet it can also be very elusive and difficult to find.  Sometimes it is really easy to get motivated, you feel full of energy, excitement and positivity, and can hardly wait for the next opportunity to do whatever it is that has sparked your enthusiasm.  On other occasions, it can be very difficult to get yourself out of a rut; you know you should be doing something but just can’t get off the sofa or you start something but quickly get bored and stop.  That makes you even more fed-up and annoyed with yourself.

Don’t despair.   You’re not alone.

Here are the first steps you can take to Find, Develop and Keep your Self-Motivation.


Your imagination can be your best friend or your worst enemy.  There is clearly a very strong link between the mind and body so what you imagine has a significant mental and physical effect.  Some people have a habit of imagining the worst, which creates a lot of negative emotions and makes it difficult to find motivation.  It’s far better to imagine positive thoughts than negative ones; try it, stop what you are doing and imagine you are sat in the sun on a lovely sandy beach, feel the warmth on your face and the gentle breeze in your hair, watch the waves rolling slowly in and hear children laughing as they run around playing.  Could you do that? Did it work? It wasn’t so difficult was it? Now let’s use your imagination to help you find motivation.


Self-awareness is about being aware of one’s-self in a deep and meaningful way; having the ability to look at yourself openly and honestly, to ask yourself challenging questions and then to listen to the answers with an open mind.  A lot of people struggle to manage that internal dialogue but there are skills and techniques you can practice to help you improve.  Start by listing 3 of your most positive characteristics then, without sharing your list, ask your friends to tell you what they think are your most positive characteristics; compare and contrast the details to start understanding yourself better.


Our conscience is our moral compass.  Whether we are doing something that is right or wrong for ourselves, our conscience will let us know and the outcomes from that will become visible either physically or mentally.  Living our lives in accordance with our conscience tends to makes us happy whereas not listening to our conscience tends to cause us harm.

Our conscience is heavily based on our values.  Prepare for the ‘Finding Motivation’ session by taking some time out to think about what are your values and whether you live by them or not.


Motivation comes from within.  Yes, other people’s words and actions can have an impact, such as when a great speech inspires us, but ultimately the power to act lies within us.  We all have the ability to make choices and decisions, then to act upon them but sometimes we find it very difficult to commit to taking action.  We get held back by self-doubt, fear and negativity; we say things such as, “I couldn’t do that” or “what if someone gets hurt?” or “Knowing my luck it will all go wrong!”

The good news is that self-will can be developed and improved.  You may need a little help along the way but there are a number of proven methods you can learn about and practice.


Join award winning Life Coach Brian Tregunna at ‘Inspiring Health’, Fish Strand Hill, Falmouth at 1030 a.m. on Sunday 24th September 2017 to learn more about the 4 key steps to ‘Finding Motivation’.

You won’t be disappointed.  As one of Brian’s clients said,

“It has been an amazing eye opener.  My life is much more fulfilled because it has taught me coping mechanisms that I did not know I had or could use.  Overall a brilliant experience that I will remember for the rest of my life.”

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