Do You Suffer with an Unexplained Pain Or Overwhelming Stress? 

It could be that you have Qi stagnation and acupuncture could release it for you.  

I first went to see Jill because I had a swollen knee that no-one could find anything wrong with. … a few minutes with her magic fingers and needles and the swelling was gone. As the weeks went by and we talked about my health and well-being, not only did my knee heal but lots of other wonderful things happened too. I sleep well instead of waking up several times a night, my stress level is much reduced and my digestion has improved.  I can’t imagine missing my twice monthly treatment which continues to lower stress levels and allow to me to feel my best. I am also thrilled that the rest of my family have become addicted to feeling well under Jill’s tutelage and needles!”    -JD, Falmouth

This quote is a good example of how acupuncture works for people. There was pain (qi stagnation) in her knee and she sought but didn’t find relief else where.  So she tried acupuncture. Treatments were focused on the knee at first and she felt relief, but as we unblocked the flow in her knee the whole qi system adjusted and the effects rippled outward to other related systems and her whole mind body benefited.


Qi (energy) should flow freely and when it doesn’t it we feel unwell. Stress is the most common cause of Qi stagnation.  Stress is an unavoidable part of everyone’s every day.  

Some stresses are loud and obvious. It’s easy to see how they create discomfort in the body and mind. For example, you get painful neck tension every time you have a deadline, you don’t sleep well since you and your partner split, your back isn’t right since you picked up that heavy box, you catch everybody’s colds.  Its obvious how these events contribute to not feeling well.

But some stresses are sneaky, quiet, simmering beneath the surface: The morning routine of getting everyone out of the house on time, the frustration of working with a difficult colleague, finances, not enough holiday time.. ordinary life stresses.

All stresses- big and small- effect Qi flow.  At first, the discomforts are mild, ignorable, they correct themselves.  But if the stress continues those discomforts can become chronic disrupting our health and well being or even developing into disease. 

What does Qi stagnation feel like?

It’s irritability and unreasonable anger. Its waking at 3 am every night and not being able to fall back asleep. It’s painful headaches, cramping menstrual pain, achy joints, stiff sore muscles, bloating after eating, or difficult digestion and messy bowel movements.  Qi stagnation (or pain) is a part of most complaints. It manifests in many ways from a simple case of the common cold to complicated disease processes. 

How do we get our Qi flowing once it stagnates? (Get rid of that pain?)

Regular exercise, a beloved hobby, meditation, a nourishing diet, loving relationships, a supportive community, and belly laughs all help to keep our Qi flowing and will help to get it going if its stuck. It’s about managing our stress well- not tucking it away to deal with later. However, some of us have all of those elements in place and of course, still experience debilitating stress. 

Acupuncture and Chinese herbal formulas address Qi stagnation. The tools of my trade gently move stuck Qi to help your body and your mind regain the balance and flow required to experience robust health and a calm mind. They help to manage the stress that disrupts our well-being.  I sometimes describe acupuncture points as gates or doorways. Accessing them allows your Qi to flow through relieving and preventing qi stagnation.

If you wonder if you are experiencing Qi stagnation (or have an unexplained pain or feel overwhelmed with stress) or have questions about Acupuncture and how it could help you please call Jill on 07432096441 to book your free 20 minute consultation or first appointment. 

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