“Cupping is the most effective, deep pain relief I have experienced.  I describe it as a massage but deeper and the pain relief lasts a substantial amount of time”. E.  Falmouth

Cupping not only resolves muscular stiffness, soreness or injuries (old and new), but it is also very effective for bronchial and digestive difficulties.  It is another tool used by many acupuncturist’s to help move old stuck qi and reinvigorate the flow and restore health and vitality.

Traditional Chinese Medicine explains that qi stagnation is the root of pain and congestion.  Western Medicine explains that cupping creates micro trauma at the site of the cups and so reinvigorates the stalled healing process.

Cupping is effective for old strains and sprains that crop up, muscle tension that develops with stress, new injury or disease processes, phlegmy coughs and chest congestion associated with asthma, cold or flu.   Some forms of acne can be treated with cupping.

I Highly recommend cupping after the experience I had with Jill.  After suffering with an extremely painful shoulder I attended multiple sessions which at first, not only eased but, by the end, had cured the problem altogether.  The whole effect invigorated the rest of me to create a really positive result.  L Falmouth

What happens during the treatment?

Cups are placed on the body after the air in the cups has been warmed.  As the air cools, the skin is pulled up into the cup creating suction which releases deep stagnation and allieviets pain and congestion.

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