WIN A Bumper Prize of Massage Treatments.

Not just one massage

Not even two massages

A massive £300 of Massage Treatments

To celebrate our Massage Hub at Inspiring Health we are offering you – not one or two massage treatments but a total of £300 worth of treatments.


Here are the details:

1st Prize – £150
worth of massage treatments 

You can choose to use it for course of three Sports Massages, Remedial Massages or Relaxing Therapeutic massages.

2nd Prize – £100
worth of massage treatments 

You can choose between a Sports massage or a Swedish massage (see below for details)

3rd Prize – £40
massage for a holistic therapeutic massage

4th Prize – A £10 Voucher
to be used with any of the massage therapists at Inspiring Health in Falmouth.

Terms and conditions of the Draw

You have to be in it to win it –

Entries now closed for this draw – please let us know if you would like to be notified of further offers and Draws over the next few months.

Choosing your massage:

What’s in a Massage?

Choosing the most beneficial massage for you can sometimes be rather hit and miss.   Inspiring Health now has a full compliment of massage therapists offering a range of massage techniques to ensure we can give you the treatment your body needs right now.

Remedial Massage
Specialised massage techniques for the treatment and prevention of injury, to relieve pain and repair damaged tissues. Useful for anyone suffering with recurring or chronic pain or after an injury. A course of 3 or 4 treatments is usually advisable.

Sports Massage
To help strengthen tissues, relieve aching muscles, untie knots or muscle spasms.  For athletes it might be an idea to incorporate a regular sports massage into your training programme to help optimise your muscle strength as you improve your fitness.

Swedish Massage

A deep tissue massage which can be vigorous and bracing or a slower, concentrated approach.  Swedish massage is useful for relieving tension, releasing knots and helping you unwind.  Can be useful as both an occasional massage or as a course over several weeks to optimise your wellbeing.

Holistic Massage

A relaxing gentle massage working on your energy flow, improving your general wellbeing, relieving tension and stress, stimulating the nervous system, increasing circulation and balancing emotions.    As a relaxing massage, this is a real treat, allowing you to gently unwind.  As a course of treatments will be helpful to become less overwhelmed by stress or grief by building your energy in a non-invasive way.


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