Megan Dodson Sports Therapist

Megan Dodson Sports Therapist

I love learning about the way of the body works and understanding how our bodies work when healthy and when injured. I have a real passion for educating others about what our bodies require to become healthier, stronger and work to our own needs. Each of our bodies are different and therefore, have different requirements to keep them functioning correctly.

I have experience with a Rugby and Football Club as well as private clinics for both teams, University students and private clients. I have learnt how to adapt my therapy to suit all ages, abilities and sports.

Sports Therapy is an aspect of healthcare designed to rehabilitate an injured person back to their complete functioning fitness no matter of age or ability. What I offer is a complete consultation involving examination and assessment of the injury, including:

  • postural alignment,
  • sports massage,
  • peripheral and spinal mobilisations,
  • taping,
  • rehabilitation,
  • principles of training.

Sports Massage involves deep tissue techniques (individualised for you) to improve blood and lymphatic circulation by warming the tissue to increase pliability and toxic drainage. Deep tissue massage can also release tension and create relaxation by using trigger point therapy to encourage the tissue to relax and lengthen.

Mobilisations is the movement of two bones within a joint to:

  • reduce pain,
  • increase tissue pliability and elasticity
  • improve range of movement

Treatment can help encourage secretion of swelling. Mobilisations helps improve biomechanical movement by the realignment of tissue stress lines to help make more efficient structures for movement.

Rehabilitation involves walking you through assessment to treatment to building your injury back to full functioning ability via early, intermediate, late and pre-discharge stages of rehabilitation.

This involves improving strength, power, proprioception and endurance to make sure you can perform your “normal” functional ability as you could prior to injury.

My job is also to encourage the athlete that your injury is in the past so you can move forward with confidence and no apprehension.

Please book online here or call 01326 212112 to book your appointment.

I look forward to meeting you.

Megan Dodson

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