Kaya Sea Kimylongh

Kaya Energy Healer & Hypnotherapist

My name is Kaya and I have lived in the “World of Healing” since a child.  I was drawn to helping others and healing from a very young age.  I studied psychological astrology, art therapy and hypnotherapy and am able to incorporate all of these aspects into my healing programmes.

I draw most of my inspiration and energy from nature.  I have a strong, dynamic relationship with the pull of the earth’s energies and enjoy helping others draw from this magnificent resource.

Having experienced illness myself, having survived a traumatic illness through a journey of self healing, I am in a position now, to help others through their own healing journey, drawing on the resources and experiences I have been taught along the way.

People come to me for a wide range of reasons including:

  • Hypnotherapy
  • Trauma recovery
  • Weight Loss
  • Addressing addictions
  • Confidence building
  • Regression therapy
  • Stress relief
  • and much more.

We are all here to shine!  We just need to bring light to all of the shadows.

The Personal Healing Process

The Personal Healing Process is a series of therapies, exercises and emotional processing where I guide you through self healing and understanding.

The Personal Healing Process is a series of six sessions to be taken weekly where ever possible.

Natural-Intuitive Energy Healing© is developed by Kaya S. K. from her own life experiences as a natural healer and has become a part of her being and way of living. She has successfully and continuously helped people using the technique for 21 years.

In her own words:

“I call my technique ‘natural’, because what I do is nothing else than guiding a person’s energies back to a natural state. That is a state where the person is truly IN himself or herself, in the body, in the now. A state with open senses and channels, connected to himself or herself, earth and sky. From there many different healings are possible.

‘Intuitive’ I call it because the healing never looks the same twice. There are so many possible reasons and roots to people’s problems, and they all need a different approach and a personalized solution. What I always include in my therapy is removal of blocks from chakras and meridians, to take away exterior influences and malevolent entities if needed, and to activate and straighten up your prana-tube to start a healing journey towards your true self!”

The Natural-Intuitive Energy Healing is a starting point of a new awareness that will continuously take you through your own personal healing journey. More than an end to a problem, it is the beginning of true recovery!

Individual and group sessions available    …. more information about the therapies

I look forward to meeting you.

Please call to book 01326 212112

Kaya Sea Kimylongh


“With Kaya, on a multi-day group workshop, for the first time I felt myself, a love for myself, my energy, a love that radiated into us from nature, people and events.

For the first time I was aware of the flows of energies around us, between people, animals, relationships, and our own, internal energies.

The draft of my different path began, more full of awareness and perception of Myself. Really, like opening my eyes ….

I gradually upgraded this activity, deepened, meditated, realized more and more truth, and transferred it to my daily life and operation.

I can be calm now, I can accept, work and live.

Thank you Kaya to show me that there are doors, the Gateway to the Love of Life”.


We are all guiding each other. And we always get what we need. When I was in a difficult time, I met Kaya. She helped me with energy healing and emotional processing. I experiences energy healing intensely, I could feel the energy moving and healing me. Kaya could sense my pain in the abdomen and I could feel healing of it. She told me it was connected with my fears and not acceptance of myself. After the healing I could feel and understand better. I felt happiness and hope. I felt life can get better.

Some time later I found myself in a relationship struggle. I was carrying a lot of anger, to myself, to my partner, to the world. Kaya helped me to process it with her own ‘emotional processing healing technique’. We did it in nature. I was guided to express my anger and face my pain. I could feel I was in some kind of trance. When I faced and expressed my emotions, I released them and I felt love and forgiveness. She was there to help me to come to these great, beautiful feelings. I felt I can leave all behind and just feel love to life, just like I remembered love in me before. I knew I don’t need anything more.

Park Tivoli … a very deep, clearing, healing process of anger, helplessness, sorrow
The second process … cleansing, light, calming … you’re a great therapist!

I have had a LOT of sessions from Kaya in the 7 or so years we have known each other and the best thing about her is that she is always so optimistic.  Kaya is totally unique, has a huge heart and never stops caring or trying something new . Kaya has a gift from birth , she can see something that others can’t and because she has so much humility there is a lot of clarity and deep healing that comes through . She has her own approach which is a mix of personal insight and study. I had some very deep shifts, understandings , integration and healing that came from our work together .

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