What is Raynor Massage 

The main aim of a Raynor Massage is to find and get rid of tension. As a Raynor Massage therapist we are taught to treat the body as one holistic organism so working which just one, or just the affected area, is not as effective as treating the whole body. Sometimes we find that the area that hurts the most is not always necessarily the area that needs the most attention.

An important aspect of the Raynor approach is the attention paid to emotional tension and how it effects the body. When feeling anxious or stressed, it is normal for the body to tense. Unfortunately however, we often hold on to this tension once the stressful or anxiety provoking event has passed and we can experience searing pain when making even the smallest of movements such as turning our head or bending down to lift something.

Eastern theories also influence the Raynor technique for example, the belief that the human body has more subtle energies than Western medicine accounts for. If energy pathways become blocked with tension then a disruption of the flow of energy (referred to by these Eastern theories as chi or prana) will occur. Raynor Massage therapists follow these energy pathways feeling for and then removing blockages allowing the energy to release and flow freely.

What to expect:

A full body massage can offer significant relief from a variety of health issues from back and shoulder pain, to symptoms of stress such as stomach complaints, sleep disturbance and anxiety. The client lies down on the massage/chiropractor table and is covered with fleece blankets. The therapist will then encourage relaxation through guided breathing whilst they begin to massage the body including the hands and feet. They will periodically ask the client to rate the level of pressure on a scale of 0-10 in order that the massage is effective and comfortable.

Some clients find the treatment so relaxing that they drift off to sleep, others like to chat and some require more pressure that may result in temporary discomfort in order for stubborn areas of tension to be removed! No one massage is the same and is tailored to meet the needs of the individual.

A Raynor Massage can offer immediate relief from pain and provide a de-stressing experience. However, to get the most benefit and for lasting pain relief, I advise that a course of treatments is arranged following a consultation.


Initial consultation followed by a 60-minute full body massage – £55

Follow up 60-minute full body massages – £45

Course of three 60-minute full body massages including an initial comprehensive consultation – £130 (saving of £15)

Course of five 60-minute full body massages including a comprehensive consultation – £215 (saving of £20)



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