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Patient Centred Health Consultancy
If you would like to understand more about your body, your health and your ability to improve your health, this is your opportunity to do so with a practicing GP here in Cornwall.

Optimising Health
Together we can concentrate on optimising your health, encouraging you to explore how you can prevent illness by changing a few things in your daily routine.

With health coaching, hypnotherapy, and my medical background,  I can help empower you to take an active role in your health,  I can help you discover the root cause of any recurring health issues and I can show you how to change them so your health will improve over the long term.

I can discuss your current medication and I can help you to understand how to reverse the progress of diabetes heart disease and hypertension. I can help you heal depression and anxiety to create a fuller happier life for yourself.

Concentrate on Health
It is my belief that we should now be focusing on how we can have health, rather than waiting for ill health, if we can build a new vision of a healthy Western world, we can promote health, we can learn how to take our own health into our own hands and we can begin to change our future… for the better.

As a Health Coach, I will work with you to create a health plan which will nourish and support your body and promote wellbeing.

I have a range of therapies which are used to help you discover the underlying cause of problems and I can teach you how to resolve these issues.  These include hypnotherapy, lighting therapy, and the journey package as well as nutrition and relaxation therapy.

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