The Personal Healing Process

The Personal Healing Process is a series of therapies, exercises and emotional processing where I guide you through self healing and understanding.

The Personal Healing Process is a series of six sessions to be taken weekly where ever possible.

You will discover your subconscious beliefs and patterns, emotions, habits and reactions. Healing often means releasing all that is not yours to bear … it never was.  We working by pealing through the layers, a little like peeling an onion, layer by layer.   The more we clear, the more we heal, the more we heal the easier and better our experience of life becomes.  It brings us connection with our higher self, our real self and our reason for being born.

Our mind continues to expand and we understand more and more about our situations, ourselves and our future path.   I am here to guide and direct you through this healing process.

The techniques I use are strong and are, very often, life changing.  Each of us are different and therefore different combinations will be used as and when required through your journey.

Techniques include:

Hypnotherapy is useful for healing our subconscious so we can reach the roots of our traumas and release them on a deeper level.

Natural Intuitive Energy Healing
Healing your chakras to clear away foreign energies and entities, heal your aura and connect you with the earth and your guidance and bring energy back to you.

Releasing Negative Energetic Ties
I advise everyone to release ties with their parents first of all because most of our mindset and patterns originate from our childhood.  We then can move on to release ties with ex partners and others who had major influence of our lives.  With this therapy, we release negative interpersonal connections through which we are taking energy from each other.  Our love with this person, our soul connection is not affected.  This is a therapy which you will be working on for 15 minutes each day before complete the removal process.

Emotional Processing
By becoming aware of our heavy emotions we can release them.  The simple techniques will allow you to release emotions whenever you need and want to do so.  Occasionally Regressional  therapy will be required to follow the feelings into the past to find their roots, we can then release them together.

Emotional states which are repeating themselves daily or weekly are subconscious habits and the brain has become addicted to them because of the hormones the emotion releases into the body.  By observing and releasing them with full awareness, these addictions lose their grip and the emotional patterns fade away.

Clearing of Patterns

This is the answer to the question “Why is this always happening to me?”
Clearing patterns is similar to releasing emotions.  Ideas, beliefs and fears which we took as ours and are now active within our subconscious mind and are ruling our life experiences.  How we react in certain situations, how we behave in front of others, how we are within our relationships, are the patterns of our being. By clearing false ideas that we have of ourselves and the world in which we live, is necessary to change what we attract into our lives, the type of relationships we build and our reactions to challenges.

Guided Meditations
Every process is a form of guided meditation …. I will show you how to stay connected, how to be in your own body with full awareness and how to use meditation to calm your thoughts whenever you need to do so.

Autogenic Training
This is a semi hypnotic technique which brings you through sensations of warmth and heaviness in a deeply relaxed state.  Whilst in this state, positive affirmations will be directed deep into the subconscious mind to help you change the direction of your journey.

Regression Therapy
This is a therapy to rediscover the past, It can be from this life or from past lives.  When you have a repeating problem is is good to find its root and heal it there.  Within every session, I guide you and help you to completely let go of all that comes up.  You don’t need to personally believe in past lives for this to work. Whatever arises during the regression will be a representation of how you feel in your subconscious and the images you see will help you heal.

Healing Art
By Expressing your feeling through art, you will have a better understanding of how you really are.  This is an exercise which you will do on your own when you are in an emotional state.  We will then be able to analyse your work together at our next session.

Chakra Work
You will be taught Chakra exercises which you can do at home in your own time.  We will work on everything you learnt and practiced during the week before moving on to the next Chakra progressing through the series.
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