What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional therapy is the use of dietary advice, vitamin and mineral supplements, probiotics and digestive enzymes, to promote good health, correct imbalances which may be causing health problems and support the body as it strives to heal itself.

You are what you eat. Or more precisely, you are what you absorb of what you eat. Many people do not eat a healthy balanced diet, and their bodies are therefore not being supplied with the correct nutrients, and the correct combination of nutrients, to maintain good health. Specific nutrients often need other nutrients to help the body metabolise them.

In order to encourage the body back into a state of balance, your nutritional therapist will assess your general health, medical history, lifestyle and dietary habits. They will help to identify the foods you should be reducing or increasing in your daily diet and develop a bespoke nutrition and lifestyle programme that addresses your individual need. Sometimes this may include recommending functional testing and/or food supplements, if appropriate. Your therapist will inspire you to take control of your own health and wellbeing

Nutritional therapy is suitable for all ages, and caters for diets that may be influenced by culture or religion, and for vegetarians and vegans.

When should you see a nutritional therapist?

When you want to achieve your full health potential.
Perhaps you want to improve vitality, boost energy, or maintain a healthy weight.
You may wish to improve your digestion, stabilise your mood and emotional health or seek improvement for any other health issues. 

Omitting, or eating more of, certain foods, and taking certain nutritional supplements when required, can help overcome many health problems including allergies, irritable bowel syndrome and other digestive disorders, premenstrual syndrome and recurrent coughs and colds. A healthy, balanced diet can also help maintain a strong immune system; achieve optimal body weight (either by losing or gaining weight); maintain good energy levels; balance mood; lift depression and keep skin, nails, teeth and hair in good condition.

The range of services Inspiring Health offer to adults and children include:

      • supporting neurological, psychological and emotional wellbeing
      • encouraging hormonal and metabolic balance
      • optimising digestive health
      • supporting natural detoxification and elimination pathways
      • promoting cardiovascular health
      • encouraging healthy blood sugar balance and energy levels
      • healthy ageing
      • weight management
      • working in conjunction with your medical team to help relieve symptoms and side-effects of conventional treatment you may be undergoing
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