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What is Massage

We intuitively stroke and rub ourselves, and one other, if we are in physical or emotional pain. And the healing power of touch has been acknowledged in many cultures and practices for thousands of year. Massage therapy utilises this healing power, using different techniques that include stroking, kneading, wringing, tapping and cupping.

Massage can help the body heal and recuperate, cope with the stresses and strains of daily life, and revitalise it following physical or emotional trauma. Some massage techniques can be quite intense, working into deep into the muscles and fascia of the body, while others are incredibly light and gentle. A trained therapist can safely use massage during pregnancy.

Depending on the type of massage, you may have to remove your clothing (you will be covered with towels). Oil or wax is often used to facilitate manipulation of muscles and tissue.

When should I have a massage?

Massage is good for stress management and helps boost your immune system.

A massage can produce hormones that are our ‘feel good’ neurotransmitters, which will enable the body to relax and calm down. By stimulating a deeply relaxed state,  your body can initiate your self healing mechanism promoting wellbeing.

Other benefits of a regular massage treatment may include:

Improving flexibility – by manipulating the muscles and tissues relief will be felt on the joints and help to restore full movement

Encouraging sleep – the body has a natural sleep rhythm that can become disrupted. Massage stimulates serotonin that aids in regulating sleep.

Aiding Relaxation – touch has an instant relaxing quality. It stimulates nerve endings, lowers the heart rate and your breathing becomes deeper and slower

Improving skin condition – by moisturising the skin, increasing the formation of sebum and getting more nutrients to the skin.

Improving muscle tone – by stimulating reflexes in muscle fibres relaxes tight tense muscles.

Increasing energy levels – by training the body to breathe deeply, relax and by improving posture, your body will receive more oxygen feeding and energising the body and mind,

Improving concentration – by alleviating reasons for a drop in concentration such as anxiety, depression, fatigue, poor sleep and hormonal imbalances, concentration levels rise.


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