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Homeopathy is a form of holistic medicine that helps you heal yourself without the use of synthetic substances.

Homeopathy has been used for over 200 years and is the second most commonly used medicine in the world after Chinese medicine. It is used by 200 million people worldwide and over 7 million in the UK.

Using natural substances, medicines are formed by making a very dilute solution of the active ingredients and adding it to a carrier (a tablet or pillule). The pillule should then by sucked in your mouth so the ingredients are absorbed through the lining of your mouth. Some remedies act immediately and others may take longer.

At first you may notice a change in temperament as your body readjusts and gains strength in order to begin to fight the cause of your symptoms. Homeopathy acts as a catalyst to rebalance your body and help restore health and wellbeing. Because of the dilute amounts of active ingredients used and the fact they don’t contain any synthetic ingredients, homeopathic medicines don’t have side effects.

If you take the wrong medicine, nothing will happen, the remedy will not have any effect. Sometimes it may take a few remedies to get to the core of your health issues, dependent on how long you have been living with your symptoms, and the complexity of your health will determine the treatment course.

Because of the way homeopathic medicine works with your body, it has not experienced any issues of bacterial resistance, and some of the ingredients are the same as were used many years ago. Homeopathic medicines do not produce side effects as they are not toxic to the body.

Mary Greensmith practices in Falmouth and Helston offering help to children, teenagers and adults through to old age.

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