Stress Less – Learn How!

I have been thinking about what to include in my Stress Less Talk at Inspiring Health and so have come up with a few ideas that I can pass on to you.

First of all, I am writing a list …. I love lists!  This is 100 things you can do to stress less.  I thought it might help me to decide what is the MOST important things you should know – and what are less important in the first instance.   Such a huge list will be too much to take in in one session.  So what do you need to know first?

I think understanding what happens when you become stressed is one of the first steps to knowing what you can do to alter your coping strategy so that stressful things affect you less.  So if your stress coping level is low, more things affect you, if your stress coping level is higher, then more things in life will affect you less … does that make sense?

So if your stress coping level is higher – and you are less affected by the stress around you, how will this impact on your life?  You could be less hassled at work, more able to cope with the comings and goings at home?  You could feel less guilty, say no more often, feel confident in front of people, not worry about what people think about you and be able to make decisions? You could begin to enjoy your chores, you could stop worrying about money and you could achieve your ambitions?

Is this something that might be of interest to you?  Could this change things for you or someone you know?

We won’t have time to go through my 100 Stress Less Tips – so I will give you that to study at home.  It is full of ideas that help you relax, consider them as the plaster to put on your sore, it can relieve the pain for the next few hours.  At the talk we will talk about changing the long term pattern, learning what to do when situations arise and learning how to turn off the trigger of Stress.

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