With chronic back and neck aches and pains affecting one in four of us at some stage in our lives, Inspiring Health in Falmouth offer a range of hands on therapies for pain relief and rehabilitation … … … READ MORE

Using gentle manipulation with cranial, visceral and myofascial release, osteopathy will help relieve pain and restore balance through the spine and nervous system. More…

Remedial Massage
Specialised massage techniques for the treatment and prevention of injury, to relieve pain and help repair damaged tissues. Whether you suffer from neck, shoulder or lower back pain, or other muscular tension, a course of remedial treatments can help reduce pain and the likelihood of re-occurance.  More…

Massage for Sports Injuries
Suitable for all, this massage helps to relieve tension and fatigue, sprains & muscle injuries and reduce the stresses of an active life.  Massage will help facilitate a more speedy recovery and also help strengthen the core muscles to help prevent further injury. More…

Deep & Soft Tissue Massage

Helping to increase the level of oxygen in the blood, decrease muscle toxins and improve circulation and flexibility and help ease muscular tension. More…

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