‘An osteopathic approach to pain’

An osteopath is highly trained in anatomy, movement as well as body function, health and in disease. Like a mechanic is to a motor we can identify the parts that need adjusting, calibrating and balancing in order for the whole to function effectively and smoothly. Here is an example if the process which we might go through….

 PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: identify the tissues that are the source of your pain
using our expertise in anatomy, movement analysis and refined palpatory  skills (sense of touch)…

Work on those local tissues to remove obstructions and relieve   congestion in order to reduce inflammation, manage pain and encourage repair.

 SECONDARY GOAL: consider the neighbours!
Looking at the joints and areas around the problem area to find and remove factors in their movement, alignment and health that are maintaining or contributing to the primary cause of pain or dysfunction.

THIRDLY: consider the environment
We scrutinise and advise on diet, movement and lifestyle strategies that will speed up repair and resolution of the problem and leave you with the tools to keep improving at your disposal.

 This is a generalised example to give you an idea of the osteopathic approach to health – it is not a temporary plaster over the symptoms, it is a resolution and a correction of underlying causes wherever possible.

This is applicable to sports injuries, headaches, backache, pain, stiffness, pins and needles, adaptation to pregnancy to name a few.

 Each case is different and therefore managed appropriately for the individual.

Come and find out what osteopathy can do for you at Inspiring Health Falmouth.

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