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Find out about Maternity Reflexology.

As your body goes through the huge changes of pregnancy, your emotional, hormonal and physical balance also changes. Maternity reflexology can assist in alleviating common symptoms experienced during your pregnancy.

When can I have reflexology?   Maternity reflexology can be used throughout your pregnancy (by a fully qualified practitioner). A full history will be taken to ensure the treatment will be safe and appropriate. 

What symptoms will it help?    Morning sickness, dizziness, headaches, tiredness, anxiety, heartburn and breast tenderness, stress, backache, dizziness, constipation, sinus problems, oedema, low mood, breathlessness, increased urination,

Is it useful before the Birth?    More frequent treatments, as your due date approaches, can help to support your body during its preparation for birth. It also allows you to relax if you are feeling anxious about the birth

How can it help after the Birth:    There is a great focus on pregnancy and the birth but it is vital to look after yourself once the baby has arrived. The aim of the treatment will be to assist your recovery and rebalance hormones.

If you suspect any problems in your pregnancy it is important to contact your doctor or midwife. It may be worth telling your midwife that you are considering Maternity Reflexology before your treatment begins.

Contact Jan to find out if Maternity Reflexology may be for you or someone you know.   01326 212112

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45 minutes (1st session – 1 hour for consultation) £40

If you book 6 sessions in advance you will receive a 7th treatment for free.

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