homeopathy helps earache

Our homeopath, Mary Greensmith, suggests some useful homeopathic remedies that can provide effective relief from earache, and can be safely used at home.

Ear infections can be extremely painful and need immediate treatment. Find out how to help relieve the pain. With a homeopathic first aid kit, you will have instant relief close to hand. Enabling the whole family to go back to sleep!

A few homeopathic remedies are really useful to have in your medicine cupboard, especially for earache in the middle of the night when you need help and you need it now.

Homeopathic remedies are safe for babies and children.


Aconite is always useful for ‘sudden onset’ of symptoms, bought on by exposure to cold. The patient may be restless, thirsty and anxious. Symptoms are worse at night especially between 12 and 2am.

Belladonna Bright red, throbbing right ear. Hight fever, headache, hot head and cold feet. Better for sitting in the dark.

Calcarea carbonica Earache or glue ear that follows colds. Child is usually obstinate and pale with a large head that sweats easily, especially during sleep. May craves eggs

Chamomilla Anger and impatience with the pain. Can’t be pleased – nothing will satisfy. Cannot be comforted except by being carried or rocked briskly. One cheek red, the other cheek pale. Earache may occur with teething.

Hepar sulphuris For chronic ear infections rather than in first stage. May cover head or lie on affected side to keep ear warm. Pain often sharp like a splinter. Irritability or tantrums. Thick discharge from nose or ear smells like old cheese.

Kali bichromicum Sharp, stitching or stinging pains. Intense itching or tickling inside ear. Thick, yellow and foul smelling discharge, often stringy. Irritable. Sweaty. Feels cold.

Mercurius solubilis For chronic ear infections rather than the first stage. Often right sided. May be discharge of pus that will be thick, burning, and have an offensive odour. Pus usually green though sometimes yellow. Thirsty. Bad breath. Salivation. Perspiration.

Pulsatilla Clingy. Seeks sympathy, company, and reassurance. Ear pain worse at night and in a warm room, better in open air. Little or no thirst. Changeable moods. Thick, yellowish-green, bland discharge from nose if a cold is present or from the ear in advanced stages.

Silicea Difficulty in hearing that often improves with blowing the nose, yawning, or swallowing. Discharge of blood and pus. Smelly discharge. Dried crusts within the ear canal. Itching. Children bore their finger into the ear. Head sweats during early sleep.

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This information was collected and prepared by Homeopathy Plus


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