massage hepls natural healing

Holistic Massage treatments for adults over the age of 16.
For teenagers younger than 16 we can offer an indian head massage or hand or foot massage.
See Jan’s page for specific problems such as headaches, insomnia, muscle tension and stress relief.








osteopathy helps back pain

Osteopathy supports those needing immediate care but also those interested in investing in their health on a long-term basis. Whatever their age!

Whether it be to optimise athletic performance, recover from injury, cope with pre- and post-natal adaptations, or alleviate stress, tension and digestion problems – osteopathic principles apply, and osteopathy will help you feel comfortable and confident in your body and take control of your health. 

homeopathy is natural medicine

Homeopathy  is suitable for people of all ages and can help alleviate symptoms for a wide range of physical and emotional issues.

Homeopathy is a natural medicine useful in supporting people through difficult times as well as helping to find the cause of many physical symptoms.


nutrition in cornwall

Nutritional Advice will help establish the right menus for you and your family to help you maximise your health potential through all stages of your life.








craniosacral therapy cornwall

Cranio Sacral Therapy helps rebalance all ages including mothers and babies.  By listening to the body, this very special therapy can help re-align your body to adjust pressures and blockages which may be preventing you from healing.



medical herbalism cornwall



Medical Herbalism brings together many centuries of medicinal knowledge to help your natural healing process using a range of herbs and plants.


reflexology in Falmouth



Reflexology will help you release blockages which affect your health.  Jan has additional qualifications for reflexology during pregnancy and after childbirth.




Counselling will help you through difficult periods of your life.