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Life Coaching involves working with people to help them move their lives forward from where they are to where they want to be.  We will work together to focus on the solutions, not the problems.   Effective Coaching will unlock your potential and empower you to succeed. It will often help you to achieve more than you previously thought possible.

I can help you to take control of your life, improve your health & wellbeing, build your self-confidence and achieve your goals as well as addressing numerous other challenges that are important to you.

Elements of Coaching are included within the Personal Development sessions but it also includes the sharing of knowledge, experiences and learning, helping clients to develop new qualities, skills and attributes so that they can improve their performance and quality of life. 

The Personal Development support I provide can address a wide range of needs including leadership, management, teamwork, communication skills, interview skills, improving performance, public speaking and presentation skills plus much more.

Key features of my Coaching & Personal Development support include:

  • Focus on Your Needs – everyone is an individual so each session will be tailored to meet your needs.  
  • Non-Judgemental – I will guide and support you but I won’t tell you what to do.
  • Private & Confidential
  • One to One or Group Option
  • Coaching sessions usually take about 60 minutes but we may agree to work for a longer period, especially when you need support across a range of challenges. Most clients need several sessions over a period of time in order to achieve sustainable progress.  This will be discussed and agreed with you on an ongoing basis.
  • Affordable Price – Before the first Coaching session, I offer a complimentary initial Start-Up consultation for up to a maximum of 30 minutes.  As I provide support that is tailored to each person’s individual needs it’s difficult to confirm the exact price before the initial Start-Up consultation but my rates are very competitive. Discounts may be available in certain circumstances, eg for those on benefits.   
  • Positive Outcomes – I have a strong track record in helping people to improve their lives across various areas, be that personally, at home, or in the workplace.  Provided you are willing to accept my support it is highly likely that you will move forward with your life and achieve the outcomes you want.

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