Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage Massage during pregnancy can have enormous benefits not only to you but also your unborn baby. It can support you both emotionally and physiologically during a time when your body is undergoing immense changes and can help prepare
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healthy snacks

Food and Mood

Food and Mood …  What is the Relationship? Is there a relationship between what you eat and how you feel Can we improve our diet to feel happier, more relaxed, more able to enjoy life, calmer, more at ease with yourself and
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Massage in Falmouth, holistic and remedial massage

Massage Monday!

Fancy a £25 Voucher towards your next sports massage? Jo is offering a £25 voucher off your next sports massage – with every sports massage booked on a Monday or Saturday Afternoon during June (subject to availability) This is a
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Hay fever Relief

It is that time again when some of us begin the day with itchy eyes and things go downhill from there. Hayfever symptoms range from itchy, runny sore eyes to blocked sinuses, foggy head feeling, itchy skin, runny nose, continual
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