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Hay Fever Clinic in Falmouth

Homeopathy can be very effective at relieving the symptoms of hay fever, with results sometimes being instantaneous. Our homeopath, Mary Greensmith, runs an annual Homeopathic Hay Fever Clinic every Spring. Individual consultations cost £20 and takes around 30 minutes. This can be
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The Coach Approach

John Shallcroft is a clinical hypnotherapist, coach and mentor who can help you achieve your goals and transform your life, within a short period of time. John uses cutting edge Solution Focused Clinical Hypnotherapy. He offers a free initial consultation. The
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food advice in Cornwall

Inspiring Health

What is Natural Healing? Sometimes we are more susceptible to ill health than at other times.  Sometimes we recover more quickly from illness than at other times. Sometimes we know that our health problems are exacerbated when we are stressed,
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homeopathy helps earache

Homeopathy Helps Earache

Our homeopath, Mary Greensmith, suggests some useful homeopathic remedies that can provide effective relief from earache, and can be safely used at home. Ear infections can be extremely painful and need immediate treatment. Find out how to help relieve the pain.
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Herbal help for Hayfever

Our herbalist, Deanne Greenwood, has had great success with a number of patients who have suffered with hay fever for many years.  With a personalised approach, and a wide selection of herbs, Deanne explains how medicinal herbs can really make a difference.
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